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render quality poor

k 2 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 months ago 3

I used to get brilliant results with Boxshot 5, but recently (since I am using OS Catalina) I have found the renders really poor.

Anyone else having this issue?

Under review

It would really help if you provide more information, like a screenshot or something?

Sorry, Vitaly.

Firstly, thank you for getting back.
I didn't know what would help you most.
I see that I can add files here. I will attach the original, and the render.
original and render
And here, you see them side-by-side:
comparison in one image

I get the same result whether I choose full quality or draft.
And I only get one option for render: "Default Renderer".
Thanks for having a look.



I guess I need the project itself. Can you do File->Collect Resources and send me the ZIP of the output folder please?

So far I see a slightly blurred and too bright artwork, which may be caused by the image source/resolution and the lighting settings. Have a project would help.