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presets folders

carl 8 months ago • updated 8 months ago 3


I am using the latest version of IW and would like to suggest a feature. Under the presets it would be nice to be able to categorise each type of preset. IE be able to create folders for digital and litho and maybe even break them down into A5, A4 etc etc so its not just one long list.

Many thanks


Under review

So it's like presets folders, right? Out of the curiosity, how many presets you have? Would it help if presets were like project files that you can store anywhere?

To me personally "tags" are preferred over categories, maybe that would solve your problem as well? Checking few tags it would be possible to select presets for "business card", "A4" and "two-sided".

Hi, I have around 60 presets, so it would be great to break them down into folders and sub folders. For example we run digital and litho. So we could save the litho in on folder and the digital in another. Then sub folders like booklets, leaflets, business cards etc etc