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batch processing?

David Stirling 2 months ago updated 2 months ago 2

I need to process several hundred PDFs and currently I need to open each file in Imposition Wizard, generate an imposition, then close the file by clicking the close-widow. Are there any options for batch processing a group of PDFs either via hot folder, AppleScript/JavaScript, and/or Acrobat Actions?

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Hello David,

It looks like you don't see the private reply I sent you, so here is the public copy:

You can start here: https://pressnostress.com/impositionwizard/tutorials/command-line/basic/ - basically there are command line parameters that let you impose a PDF file using a specific preset. You make a preset, then run IW for all the files with that preset. The way you run it depends on the software you use, you can probably use the built-in Automator or make a simple bash script - it depends.

Let me know if you need more help with this, I will need some information about the PDF files you have. Say if you can put them all into a single folder and make another one for output files, I can make a simple sample bash script that will do the job.


Hello Vitaly thank you for the response! I'm sorry I didn't see your reply via email; unfortunately I think my company's filter stopped it. I will review command-line info to see if I can automate this way.