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toy and packaging models

POPstudio 2 months ago 0

I needed to create a new brand and packaging approach for a new toy range, and used Boxshot for almost all of the 3D modelling, along with Origami for the boxes. Pack design was all done in illustrator, and output via Origami to Boxshot. The screwdriver tool was created in Boxshot from a variety of illustrator-created SVG files which I used Lathe/extrude and loft to create the tool. This was rendered out at the right angle using the hand as a background image to set up the camera angles, and then comped with the hand in Photoshop.

The car was also created in Boxshot, using a mix of native shapes with various textures and materials, and a range of SVG files output from Illustrator to enable extruding, lathing and lofting of the component parts. The models were then fitted together to create the final image. there are also exploded views created in Boxshot for the instruction books inside the sets.

Just goes to show what a versatile tool Boxshot can be!

Under review

Box set with clock

POPstudio 3 months ago updated 3 months ago 2

As well as using Origami/Boxshot for the pack, I created the clock mechanism using Illustrator SVGs and extrude/lathe tools in Boxshot. The slot-together board clock was created in illustrator, exported through Origami with a bespoke board weight and assembled with the clock mechanism in Boxshot. Goes to show how far you can push the software with some creative thinking and a flexible approach!

Under review

Pack shot with components visible through window

POPstudio 3 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 3 months ago 1

This was a pack shot I created from a design we did in Indesign. The art was exported as a jpeg, and the dielines created in illustrator. These were put through Origami on a fluted board substrate, and brought into Boxshot. The 2 little jars were created from 'Creme Jars' using different materials, the little bottle at the top was created using lathe and extrude in Boxshot from illustrator SVG lies I created, as were the bowls to either side.

Under review

Lathe and extrude objects

POPstudio 7 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 6 months ago 9

Using illustrator to create SVG files, and then lathe and extrude different components, you can build up a great library of construction elements. Currently building a model car for a pitch using bolts, nuts and other plastic elements.


Powerful renderer in Version 5!

glenboid 10 months ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 10 months ago 0

Really enjoying the extra power in version 5 the renderer is superb! Downloaded the Flat map of Mars from Nasa and added to a sphere, looks great added a star background and a convincing scene is made :)

Tip rotate the sphere at least 90 degrees to avoid a join showing, possibly because I didn't vet the flat map first I think :)


Nice dispenser box

Walter Bravenboer 2 years ago 0

A cool box for dispensing candy...

Dispenser box.pdf