Dielines not correct

Branislav Ljubicic 1 month ago updated 4 weeks ago 3

Hi Folks, 

ill really impressed about you software, but there is still an Problem in some of your dielines. Specially the Dieline ECMA A60.21.00.01.

This Dieline convo work in this way. The Flaps for the bottom are not working aber glueing and folding. So you cannot use the  Dieline to make a functional Box with selffolding bottom. You need to adapt the Dieline with only a small extra edge. But this you seriously now.. 

If not, I could help you showing the fault. 

For my work around it will be great you fixed this Mistake and a could really use your tool "on the fly" and not only rough and have to adjust it for a real EMCA.



ok, the support is not so good now. Demanding a subscription price of half the basic license for a module every full year, and then delivering incorrect content in a crucial functionality is one thing. But then not responding at all to a request, despite the help offered, is really disappointing.

I just paid a license fee a second time (after a year had passed) just to be able to use the "online generator", and then it did not provide any useful results that could be used. I have to readjust manually so that the packaging really works.

As great as the tool itself is, the response to my request is just as disappointing. i can only warn against the use of the generated data, because this could result in enormous costs in retrospect if the generated punches go to the print shop in this way. This may be enough for 3D modeling, but it is not suitable for use as a die generator in print-runs.


We are going to improve the generator in the near future for both the number of dielines and their quality. This should include the changes you need.

For faster response time consider sending a private message, as the public ones may take longer to answer.

Ah...  OK. So I´ll wait for the update. Hopefully soon..