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Disable shadow for single object

Philipp Stracker 3 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 3 months ago 2
I want to add an object to a scene that should not cast shadows itself, but display shadows that other objects cast onto it. I.e. It should behave same as the background layer, but be a movable/rotatable object.

Is this currently possible with Boxshot 5. There used to be an option in previous version to accomplish this.

Under review

Since version 5 Boxshot tries to be physically correct in rendering and so does not support features like that. In version 4 we never had "receive shadows" option for materials, but had "cast shadows" as a property of omni lights. In version 5 lighting is done the same way it happens in the real world, so we can't just switch shadows on and off.

The question is: why do you need such a "shadow receiving" object first of all? Could you provide a scenario or a scene where it is needed? Maybe there is another way to do the same?