Distort labels to look correct on curved containers/shapes

Hollis Henning 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 0
I'd like to have the graphics on labels compensate for curves on container shapes. For example, in real life production, when a printer creates a shrink wrap label for a curved bottle, the graphics are compensated so that they look correct when wrapped around the bottle curves (instead of stretched and warped).
Thats 2 suggetions :)

1st is label on curved surfaces - its called normals mapping in keyshot or IC3D,

2nd is shrink wrap - thats real hard work to do - specially with calculated compensation, I know only 2 programs that can do it proper: Esco Studio Shrink Sleves and IC3D Studio. any 3D software, like modo, probably can do something what will be look nice but probably will not be true in real production process.
We have regular cylindrical label, next way is cone distortions.