easy Net render

Wojtek 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 0
easy render - Network

I work in Adobe After Effects, and in this program you can save/export task to network drive for further network render.
AfterEffects as Boxshot render each frame of animation to output folder BUT you can point where this output folder is.
Next we run project on few computers and during render each copy od After will se if frameXYZ is taken or not
and take next free frameXYZ+1 to render and all other copies op After will see that frameXYZ+1 is taken

well thats easy way to make Network Render - because many of that workflow is already in BoxShoot as I see ?

Well I supose that on Mac Os X I can do symlinks for render later folder - so we will have one folder on network drive and symlinks on few computers - it could works ?