Able to change materials's color for grayscale or bitmap mode...

sambopen 5 years ago updated 3 years ago 0
It would be great and easier if user able to change material's color directly in Boxshot and Owlet for grayscale and bitmap mode... Nowadays, if we want a product have many color variants, then we have to save many material files with different color.
We've got tint for that. Doesn't it work for you?
Tint color is just change color of 3d object but not material/texture color (grayscale or bitmap mode).
Actually tint does exactly what you describe. Internally we multiply texture color by tint, so having gray texture with yellow tint gives you dark yellow color. If you need something else, please provide a small before/after example, so I can understand you better.
I want to change color of image without help from photoshop for grayscale or bitmap mode. Please refer to link.

So instead of tinting whites, you want to tint blacks. Got it, will think about this, thank you.