Need to be able to make right-sided triangle to create PDQ's POP Displays!

Anonymous 6 years ago updated 4 years ago 0
Crete somple shapes and merge/melt shapes to create POP Displays
Some samples would definitely help. So far the request is not too clear, sorry.
This is a random online example of a PDQ/POP display.
I need to be able to make the side/ triangular shape. It's required in most displays of this kind used in the packaging industry
Have you tried Origami? http://boxshot.com/origami/ - having a die-line you can fold the cardboard you need, then export it to Boxshot.
I'm familiar with that but sometimes its quicker to draw a shape than engineering a proper die-line for concept. We use Artois Cad. Can all origami folded up shapes be imported into box shot?
Yes, Origami can export to internal Boxshot 3D format or to Collada that can then be imported to Boxshot for further processing.

The problem with "quick" shapes is that they may be too simple so you eventually find yourself needing more and more little options and Origami-way start looking easier :)
Well As I understand side of the box is triangle. That easy work with origami. You can make more complex scene when you connect origami and boxshot. Because Artios make separate spot colours for die cut and cease lines conversion to origami is geri quick and simple. http://www.emokap.pl is done mostly in origami and boxshot. regards

that easy work in combination Origami + Boxshot