Denis Branca 6 years ago updated 5 years ago 0

A few years ago I wrote to suggesting adding glass vials. I was and still am working in Pharma and needed to have the ability to create a glass vial. Thankfully you added that feature.

Today I had to shoot veterinary dog pills. What a bear of time I had. They are so small that its nearly impossible to get any depth of field and now I will have to focus stack several images to get a decent photo. Also they chip and are hard to stage because of their size.
So what I'm suggesting is PILLS!!. Round pills with flat side and slightly domed tops and bottoms. Oval pills, likewise, with and without "V" cut split line on top and bottom. As well as capsules both one piece and double sided both in opaque and transparent versions. And football shaped pills alike Alieve, all in color changeable transparency. In short multi shape pills. One other thing that would be nice would be a way to add texture maps, from granular to smoother surfaces and also color changeable.

If you could pull this next thought off I will be really impressed! A way to split the pills so you could see the profiles or fill the capsule with material. I think adding this will help the Pharma items you already have. Thanks for your time! Hope you can do this one.