add the ability to align and distribute objects in box shot

Eric 7 years ago updated 3 years ago 0
We often do a lineup of products. In order to place them side by side we have to manually drag them which is time consuming and never perfect. An align and distribute objects function like Illustrator has would be very helpful.
Very much would like this feature!!!
excellent idea. and a feature for boxshot.
In fact, that is my frustration now. I have 25 card sets, with 25 dividers between them, inside an open box. I want to space all the card sets and dividers about 1-2 mm apart. It is so hard to do (well, sort of impossible) with the current UI.
Step and Repeat does not work. It says "Step and Repeat tool requires a single shape object to be selected." The objects are not identical. Each of the 25 card sets has a different number of cards in it, and the dividers are different sizes/shapes (actually a custom object I had to wrangle together, because Boxshot doesn't support die-cut card shapes).
Well, it works a slightly different way, but at least you can distribute a single object around the scene and then tune them up one by one.

Anyway, I got your pain, will have a look at what we can do about that.
Here is a link to my project (a PNG image), so you can see what I was trying to accomplish. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8dz685xv4fdoyxl/Boxshot%20example.png?dl=0

I'm not wanting to make this a thread about my project, but I expect there are many similar use cases where users would want to be able to distribute objects. As in the case of the OP.
Step and repeat should help for that particular project, unless all the shapes are different in details.

Here I made a simple card, then multiplied it with "step and repeat", then cloned the group to make a second row, and finally made the layout like yours: http://imgur.com/a/qHlAM