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Comparing Boxshot to BoxShor 3D - I find it more difficult

Rick 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 0
I've been working with BoxShot comparing it with the 3D version and find it more difficult. The user interface is not user friendly. I find the grid (hough you can disable it) unnecessary and find no use for it. I also find that you have made some coding changes that prevent the use from viewing edits.
I have an embedded graphics card that works just fine with Boxshot 3D, but with the upgrade I’m told that there is a bug with Intel that you have reported. If 3D works just fine, perhaps it’s not an Intel “bug” but poor coding on your part that requires the user to select Simple GL mode. Yet, you admit that viewing reflections and shadow viewing, in either the GL or Advanced mode must be done by initializing the Preview. Seems to me this is your problem, not Intel. Constantly going back and forth between editing and Preview is a PITA! And just ads more frustration!
In 3D, the user was able to be up and running right out of the box generating the image in 5-10 minutes. In BoxShot - attempting to duplicate the same image took 2 hours! And I see no real difference between the quality of the generated image in BoxShot vs. 3D.
To make BoxShot simpler and more user friendly - bring back most of the user interface of 3D. You had a great product in 3D but BoxShot upgrade appears to be not an upgraded - but a degrade.
Box Shot 3D doesn't use hardware acceleration at all, so it raytraces the whole scene at every move. Boxshot 4 uses OpenGL to make a fast and sharp preview of the scene immediately while you editing.

However, even modern graphics adapters are not capable to render realistic images in realtime, so we cut some things like precise shadows and reflections from the preview. More, some of the adapters can't handle other things, so we added a simple mode that works anywhere, but displays very simple materials.

The issue you met is a bug confirmed by Intel and waiting to be fixed. We're working with them on that and hope this will be done soon.

We have some ideas regarding realtime preview while editing and will probably add something soon.

Hope this made things clear.