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Save background presets

Scott 7 years ago updated 3 years ago 0
Every image I create I must edit the background to transparent, no floor, diffuse floor lighting, then adjust the level and decay. It would be so handy if I could simply save a preset or "Save as default" rather than having to manually adjust these items for each and every image I create with Boxshot.

This same preset behavior could also be carried over to the elements, set as defaults for a paperback, set as defaults for a hard cover, set as defaults for a magazine, etc.
Actually I think using dummy projects is a poor way of handling this.
In Blender they have a "default" project, the one that is loaded when you click "File->New", you can replace it with your own and every time you make a new project you'll get that one instead.

Will it work better for you? There will still be just one default project, but you can adjust it the way you need.