Extrude 2D shapes

D'mitri Sobol 7 years ago updated 4 years ago 0
With the addition of the lathe feature (by the way, bravo, great work!), it would also be great to be able to extrude 2D shapes.
This would be a great feature to mockup 3d signs for logos, etc.
Well thats not a problem of extrude because be can make plane with transparent texture, problem is that thicknes is shown not as transparency occur
It would be where you import a vector shape (dwg) and then extrude your depth from that. Working with a texture on a plane is pixel information not points in space that are needed to extrude a shape. It would be ideal to export a shape from Illustrator as a dwg and then assign a texture to the top, bottom and sides depending on how complex a shape.
A none cylindrical lathe feature or vector extrude has been at the top of my wish list for a long time, it's something I would use constantly.
I would like that too for working with fonts as well...
Please add this - it would be fantastic :-)
I bought Origami to get this feature. It works but it would be at dream to get this directly in Boxshot. In Origami you can just work with one path at a time so importing a logotype (with multiple paths) is a bit tiresome. This is an example of what I've done using Origami and Boxshot: https://mir-cdn.behance.net/v1/rendition/project_modules/hd/a1445633592757.56b0d8d560844.jpg
I like that Vitaly. Well the export in photoshop doesn't work "background-free" but it is a start.
Too bad I only got the standard version of photoshop on my work-computer (that doesn't offer 3D stuff).. ;)