Zoom wheel functionality within the texture crop window

ajkolbo 8 years ago updated by Cat- 3 years ago 1
When cropping down the size of the image texture, the plus and minus zoom buttons are a little clunky. Can you provide more control in this window like using the mouse's scroll wheel to zoom? Also, dragging the controls left and right to increase or decrease the zoom number–similar to the rest of the UI; Allowing manual input of zoom strength; or even a navigation palette that you can drag around like in photoshop; One more idea: Create a 4 cornered square icon. You can click on the one quadrant to activate the "zoom to crop area". Then click on the corresponding corner on your image that you'd like to crop. The window will zoom to that spot and you can make minor adjustments as usual.
Bottom line is it'd be nice to have some scroll wheel activity in there.

I agree with this request 100%. Is there any chance this might get implemented?

The best way for me to make packshots at my company is to take our "layflat" boxes, apply it as a texture to each side, and then go in and crop out each panel. As it is right now, the slowest part of the process is zooming in and dragging the box boundary to fit.

It would be nice if Cmd+ and Cmd- were just hotkeys to zoom in and out, like Adobe products.

It would also be nice if we could just draw our own marquee box, and apply that as the new Crop area.