Special effects like varnish or metallic foil.

Davor 8 years ago updated 3 years ago 0
It could be nice to see special effects like varnish or metallic foil.
I agree. There are ways to simulate basic spot varnishes and foil effects on packages by using masks and adjusting reflection and tint, etc. but the only drawback is there's very little control over the reflection texture, especially when trying to make a nice metallic foil effect. I recently tried to simulate silver metallic foil on a box front logo for a product line; the mask worked perfectly and precisely but I couldn't get the rendering of the foil to really pop like an actual foil finish would.

It would be nice if the materials list included actual "spot varnish" or "metallic foil" items, each of which already have certain qualities built in to them (reflection, etc.) so we wouldn't have to do so much adjustments and tweaking to try to simulate the effect(s).
I agree. There should be standard templates to add Spot UV, Raised Ink, and Metallic Foil effects easily. These are effects that are very common in packaging and print products. Also, since these are effects that are kind of available already, there should be tutorials on how to produce these effects in BoxShot 4.
Well vanish is done very well, metallic foil too. I can send few samples,that not problem, the problem is bumbing, it makes visual outline, not displacement of shape, so it sometimes is to weak . but varnish or foils you can do wiry well. The key of success is light. I use environmental lighting to setup very precise light setup for reflection mask an reflection level. You ken use noise in bumping to make foils more realistic.