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Multi-Page PDFs for Texture

Jonathan D. Spiliotopoulos 8 years ago updated by Michael 2 years ago 3
Oftentimes when I design materials -- websites, collateral materials, stationery packages, etc -- I'll make a PDF export with the different components of the project seen on different pages of the PDF.

For example, Side One of a business card might be on Page One of a PDF, while Side Two would appear on Page Two. As it stands, Boxshot only recognizes the first page and ignores all the others.

I would like, when choosing a PDF texture, for Boxshot to ask me which page it should use rather than making me export multiple PDFs for each surface.

I agree. In fact. right now I have exactly the business card usage that the OP described, with a 2-page PDF. But there are other types of projects that I work on where it would be useful as well. I came here to make this exact same suggestion.

Under review

The current UI layout doesn't let us add page selection. We're going to re-work it a bit in version 5, then we can add the feature.

That sounds good. Another option might be to allow page selection during the File > Open process (similar to what Photoshop does when opening a PDF, or what InDesign does if you enable the 'Show import options' checkbox in Place file dialog box when opening a PDF). Although this method would not show an indication of the placed page in the current textures UI, it would give people the option to choose a page for the texture.