Envelopes, boxes with punched holes, tubes

Anonymous 8 years ago updated 4 years ago 0
I would like:

1. Envelopes of different types. It would be awsome if one could place a letter (partly) inside the envelope.

2. Paper with a folding

3. Tubes like this:

4. Boxes that are filled with empty space (not a solid block as it is now) the to make it possible to use image transparency to "punch holes" in the box. Like this:

5. A carton box/lid where one side is missing (shoe box lid)
This is the kind of envelope with letter Im talking about:
4. Box with empty space is allways done, I use png or psd file as texture (transparent of texture makes transparent surface of box)

5. Use transparent png as texture on one side of box and you got open (transparent shape) box, you can duplicate shape (box) and make it bit smaller with diffrent texture for inside part of box. Do the same for cover. that all

...use the force Luke :)
1. Envelopes like http://pinterest.com/pin/133489576425775479/
use Booklet with 7 frames, setup angles as: -140/0/0/179/0/0/0 and you have envelope that you wanted

...use the force Luke :)
use angles : 0/0/178/0/150/150 it work, when You use PSD with transparency you can control the shape of teh wing. I open the programs and it works
I really need essentially the 5th point. I support this suggestion!