Control amount of open angle for books/magazines

Scott 8 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 1 year ago 5
I often want open books and magazines. The Magazine shape has no parameters for opening it. The book shapes have 3 options - closed, opened a bit, opened. Often none of these three options are sufficient.I need the book opened more. With the current shapes it is often difficult to tell a book is even opened. It would be very handy to control the degree of "openness".

To get around this issue I'm often cobbling together multiple shapes and spending way too much time trying to get angles correct before even addressing appearance. This somewhat defeats the purpose of the software.
Note: Boxshot 3D had this... I can't find anything comparable in Boxshot 4. (For the record the "manual" and "knowledgebase" on the site are only 5% useful. More documentation would certainly help.)
Box Shot 3D doesn't have this feature, as well. Thanks for the suggestion, it's a nice one.
I was thinking of the D ring Binder.... that's where the feature already exists. It would be great to have it for books and magazines as well.
I completely agree. Just wanted to do an open book. It's crazy it can't be done.