Find imported materials when files are moved.

robebersol 8 years ago updated 3 years ago 0
Boxshot cannot find the imported material PSD files IF they're moved- even when they're in the same new folder as the boxshot file. I've have scene built with six objects (all the same) that use three different materials files. I have to repeat this for multiple products and being able to just rename these three materials panels for each product and isolate them with the boxshot file would be a HUGE time saver. Even if I locate the missing materials file, boxshot does not automatically find the rest. So I am faced with manually updating each of three the panels for the six objects in every boxshot file I have to create.
I have learned something since this post. It has to do with how Boxshot is identifying the import/placed materials file. IF I make a copy of the originally imported file and then paste the new image over the existing image, save the file, it will appear in the Boxshot file. So what, in my opinion, should be revised is how Boxshot is identifying the place materials files. It should operate more like a standard page layout program where the file name is all that it needs to place the file. So it would just be a matter of swapping out the files to change the materials files applied to the Boxshot object.