Michael L 9 years ago updated 6 years ago 0
You can Create a Shape-Shop where the users can buy more shapes.
This is a great idea. I'll love it more than anything.
And users can also sell shapes by creating account
It is a good idea, but i prefer to buy the program one time, and have all the shapes i need. It is better create a shape's feedback, where the users can ask for shapes and vote for them, like here.
You can ask and vote here. I've create the "shapes" category exactly for this purpose :)
Yes but only if they will be cheap and users can exchange (sell) own objects
why sell can't we just "give" shapes to yhe community like on google one?
Something like the Apple app store for shapes. Users could create their own shapes and sell them on the Shape store. This would incentivize the process so quality shapes are created.

There could also be a request shape area. So for example, I could request a plastic coil bound book. Maybe others could "vote" for that shape and as expert users see those votes they would want to put the time into creating it.
Usually, there are much more people who'd like to get shapes, than who'd like to make them :) There will be some kind of "warehouse" or even "boxshop", but a little bit later.

Btw, binder shapes (plastic, coil, etc) will be added in the future releases as internal shapes. As they were in Box Shot 3D.
Providing a so-called "BoxShop" as you mentioned would be great for many reasons:

1. USERS would get an expanded shape library much faster

2. SELLERS would have a revenue incentive to create quality shapes based on feedback ratings

3. OWNERS (Vitaly) would reap revenue from each shape sold

4. DEVELOPERS / DESIGNERS time would be freed up to focus on bigger, better things

5. ALL would benefit from a fast growing library and the expanded customer base (BUYERS) it attracts

This could be a similar model to TurboSquid.com or ThemeForest.com marketplaces.
I'd be open to the idea of an open sharing model, much like google sketchup
This can be a marketplace to buy and sell shapes.
Please look at esko's shape shop where you buy shapes that's what you need to do everything they have you need.