F-Style Jug for Box Shot 4

david.morissette 3 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 3 years ago 3

I am looking for a F-Style Jug for Box Shot 4, do you know how I can get that? Thank you!

Under review

Hello David,

I would suggest TurboSquid, look for "canister" there and pick the one you like most.

Then you can import this to Boxshot Ultimate, if it comes in one of the supported formats (OBJ, 3DS, Collada, FBX).



Thank you for your help.


I currently have the Professional version and I would be willing to pay the difference for an upgrade to the Ultimate version in order to import the shape I need.


Can you help me with that?

Sure, you can do it here: https://boxshot.com/boxshot/order/renew/ by pasting your current license key and following the prompt. As long as it is up-to-date, you will be offered an upgrade option.