Wine Glass and wine bottle

Glen Webster 3 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 3 years ago 5

Hi Vitaly.


I hope you are well?


Can you tell me, is there a wine bottle and wine glass where the user can adjust the level of fullness of the liquids?


If not, how would you achieve this?


Thanks Vitaly


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Glen Webster

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Hello Glen,

There is no specific shape for bottle or glass with liquid, but this can be easily done with Lathe shape. There are sample presets there for wine bottle and glass, you just need to add the liquid.

Liquid can be added as another Lathe object, set as a child of the bottle/glass to follow it when moved around. This way you can control the level of the liquid by modifying the child lathe object.

Let me know if you need any further help.

Hi Vitaly. thanks for the info. Is there a tutorial of how to work with child objects?

Not the best one, but still a tutorial: https://boxshot.com/boxshot/tutorials/advanced/rotation/ - see the "scene hierarchy" chapter there.

Basically you can drag an object onto another in the scene tree and it becomes a child object. Then it follows the parent when it is moved, which is convenient for the cases like yours.

Sorted. thanks Vitaly


Looks good :)