FBX model not visible on the stage

cmiller 3 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 3 years ago 7

When I importing an .fbx model it's not visible on the stage.

The 3d model was created by an outside vendor. They have provided a screenshot of the FBX model working in their installation of Boxshot. Is there a setting or step I'm missing when I import this model.

See screen shot of my import of model...

Screenshot of vendor import of model...

Please advise.

Thank you.


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Hello Charlie,

FBX format gets evolved over time, so maybe you have an old version of Boxshot? If unsure, please share the FBX file here and let me know the version of Boxshot both you and the vendor have.


We're using version 4.1.3

Link to fbx files:





Version 4.1.3 is a really old one and FBX format has definitely evolved since that. Consider updating Boxshot to the latest version which is currently 4.15.1, it opens your FBX files well:

Where can I download that version from?

https://boxshot.com/boxshot/ - click the "download" button at the top right corner of the page

Perfect! Thank you.