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Apple/Pixar USDZ

Geviert 3 years ago updated by Joey Lopez 9 months ago 3


With Xcode Converter it is already possible to convert obj data to usdz. However, there are problems with the textures. It would be nice if this export option would be integrated with upcoming updates. It's already a lot of fun to experiment with this format. It would be a great way to show the customer 3D objects.


Under review

We did the same for GLB format online and in Koru and so far I wouldn't say it is being used a lot. We're keeping an eye on the Apple's one and will probably add it to Koru, as well if there will be demand. So far I'd say that the demand is also low.

Feel free to upvote this idea, let's see how it goes.


This format (USDZ) would be a huge. If you were able to attach an "export to USDZ" in either Koru or Boxshot, it would fantastic. I work a lot in the AR/VR space and to have a USDZ export that actually worked well would be a tremendous asset to our work flow. We use several applications for different reasons in the office and if one of your products were able to do this well would be amazing. Just my 2¢.

We are also discovering USDZ, and it's potential for AR as it's natively supported on iOS devices (and Macs).