Step and Repeat Bug

Andrew Waters 3 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 3 years ago 1
Hi Vitaly,
I have come across what I think is a bug in Boxshot 4.15.1
I have an object that consists of a lathe object, a conical label and a flat object. They all fit together to make the one model in a group.
When I go to step and repeat it the label disappears on all the autogenerated objects.

Below is a render of the object by itself.

Step & Repeat.jpeg
Ingeniuos Logo.jpg
Sample Files.zip

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for reporting this. It looks like cloning of conical labels have issues, we'll sort it out in the next update.

Also note that the label you created have errors, click "Fit to images" and check the "Error" button at the bottom. The message there is not super-clear, but if you increase both diameters a bit, the error will disappear and then you can do step-and-repeat and fix each label one by one by selecting it, clicking "Fit to images" and clicking OK.

Sorry about that, stuff happens.