Shape Templates

jon 3 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 3 years ago 1


I recently bought Boxshot, and have been using the Coffee Bag set without a problem.  Creating textures is easy due to the provided templates.  For the basic shapes that come with Boxshot by default, are there similar templates?  I'm struggling to make a Doypack that fits the shape.  I did search for the default png names but I couldn't find anything within the install files.

Do they exist within the install or are they available elsewhere?



Hi Jon,

The fastest way is to export scene to Collada and get the images there. Another way is to click "Crop Texture" button in the materials panel at the right and take a screenshot at the desired zoom.

Note, that you don't have to match templates for built-in shapes, as Boxshot fits most of the shapes to the imaes you provide. Just keep the same layout of the artwork, so it fits properly.