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Plastic canister - new object

Krishna Kishore Junga (Kris J. 3 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 3 years ago 1

Hi Boxshot,

As your Ultimate package customer and fan of Boxshot,

I have some pharma bottle model for which I have 3dsmax file. 

I want those shapes in my boxshot.

Mainly I use Boxshot for rendering labels on differet type of Pharma bottles.

Please help.

Here I am attaching few of those files1_05.max
Gutweight Bottle.png

Under review

Hello Kris,

You can export the max-shape into obj/3ds/collada/fbx and then load it to Boxshot for further rendering. If you want us to add this shape as a configurable object - this idea needs some support from the community. Let's see if it gets enough votes, so we can put this into the list.