can't find a one and only curve in the file-SVG import

gregory 3 years ago updated by Ian K 2 years ago 7

every time I try to bring an SVG created and exported from AI that tries to imitate the default "vase" shape of the LATHE I get an error telling me BS cant open the file because "can't find a one and only curve in the file"

Under review

What are the export options and can I see a sample minimal SVG file, please?


There are two SVG option dialogs because I tried two different ways of creating the SVG

Thanks, can I see that SVG file please? Not the image, but the file itself.



This one did not work. Exported using the two previous techniques.

Asset 1.svg

This one worked using a third technique (attached)

Not sure why this way worked. Unfortunately I also changed the PATH direction on this latest export, so I'm not sure what was the magic: path direction, or this third way AI has to create an SVG.


There are many extra paths in this SVG file:

Although they are hidden with CSS rules inside SVG, Boxshot still sees them and can't get a single curve of all of them.

Consider removing all the hidden and unneeded paths, so only one path is shown in Illustrator in order to import this file to Boxshot.

I just tried that and it worked pretty well.