Lighting in 3d PDF

David Whitehead 2 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 years ago 2

I can't seem to get the lighting in my 3D PDF to appear like the lighting in the provided sample of the blu-ray boxes. The blu-ray boxes always seem to be lit from the direction of the viewer, so that when you spin the boxes the lighting and the focus of attention is at the front.


Hello David,

3D PDF doesn't support proper lighting, so Boxshot doesn't even try to export that.

If you are not limited by 3D PDF, have a look at our Koru application that exports to 3D HTML instead: https://boxshot.com/koru/gallery/


As Adobe themselves deprecates 3D PDF by removing it from Acrobat a couple of years ago, we don't see any reasons to keep working on it, as well. 3D PDF provides very basic materials and lighting, so we decided to go a more modern HTML-based way with Koru. You can try exporting to Collada or OBJ formats and use other 3D PDF converters, if you need strictly 3D PDF.