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Edit library textures

FreierWind 2 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 years ago 8


it is useful to have a lot of shapes in the library with fitting textures, and the manual says it is good to start with them and edit them just a little bit. This is exactly what I want to do, but how can I do it?

The interface shows me the definite name of the texture, so I know it is there but where is it? Why is there not a simple button to open the path so can edit it and save it as new file? If I can not do this, there would be absolutely no use in such a big material library. I searched the whole computer for these texture, and I could not find them anywhere, so what is the problem here?

Big thanks in advance!

Under review

May I confirm that the software in question is Boxshot?

Yes it is, Boxshot 4 Home.

So for example, here you can see, the texture is the file front.png.
So let's say I want to insert a red shape at a specific point. I have to edit the texture in Photoshop. How will I do this?

Yes, that's Boxshot. The default artwork is not directly accessible there, but you can get it by exporting the project to Collada or OBJ formats (requires Boxshot Professional+) and grab the images there.

It would be nice if you point me to the place where we say that you can edit the artwork just a bit, so we can fix that. As far as I remember we have something like that about materials (that are adjustable), not about images (that are not).

Yes that is said in the manual. (I haven't found it again in the quick run.)
But since there are only few options in the materials, that I can actually adjust, I thaught this would include at least textures (which are a part of materials in my opinion). 
What I would actually do with the default textures is just to take their aspect ratio because it is important to use textures without distortion. So is there another way to find out this?

One of the main features of Boxshot is that you don't have to think about aspect ratio: Boxshot does this for you. Basically, you create the artwork you want, apply it to the shape, then click "Fit to images" and Boxshot does the rest. Give it a try :)


A designer always has to think about aspect ratio ; )
Of course I noticed that Boxshot adjusts my textures to the particular shapes by distorting them. But I create my own textures in corrects aspect ratio, so of course I want them to not being distorted by some fancy algorithm but to be projected onto the shape correct as they are. So I have to know the correct aspect ratio of the shapes.

I just noticed that I can adjust the shapes' aspect ratio by myself ;-D
I didn't consider the values before, because they had no units - so I thaught they were only random numbers... But I guess they are relative to each other, so I can use them for my textures.

Boxshot can adjust shapes to your textures, not textures to shapes. Just load your own images (they may look distorted) and click "Fit to images" button to see the shape adjusted to fit the images.

Although you can resize shapes manually, Boxshot can do this for you. Give it a try.