Photoshop 3D DAE Exports

cmiller 2 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 years ago 5

I'm having trouble importing DAE models exported from Photoshop into Boxshot.

Any suggestions on settings I should use?

Thank you

Under review

Can you provide a small sample model that doesn't work?

I emailed sample files to support@

I afraid we didn't get it. Please make a private message here and attach the file to make sure it is delivered.

I’v attached files that photoshop exported.


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Here I dropped it to Boxshot:

Doesn't look perfect, but the object is definitely there. Now let's go to the materials section at the right and then click the bottle to select the material in charge:

The material itself is opaque, but it uses an absolutely transparent texture in a PSD file. Here I removed the texture and set diffuse tint to orange to make the bottle more visible:

You see, the bottle is there, loaded well so I don't see any issues with this particular collada file. If something is missed here, or the bottle should look different - just let me know. Otherwise make sure you use the latest version of Boxshot.