Boxshot 5

glenboid 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 6

A couple of small bugs, the image extension isn't automatically added to the filename on saving the rendered image, and Quit was greyed out / not available, the only way to quit is control-click on the dock item and choose quit, otherwise very solid! great render!

Under review

Thanks. Yes, the Quit option in menu gets disabled sometimes after displaying a popup window, we're working on that.

As for the extension issue, I can't reproduce that. Can you provide more details please, including the operating system version you use?

Strange, now it's fine, I'm on 10.12.6, all I can think is it's something to do with the finder? Even though I have the Finder prefs set to show extensions?

I saw such behavior with other apps a couple of time, when they save to a file without extension, yet the apps still determine the proper file type somehow. Never seen this with our apps, though.

If by any chance you'll find a way to reproduce this - let me know.

Will do although I suspect that it's something to do with a first-time run...


We fixed the Quit issue recently. I'm closing this for now. Let me know if you can reproduce the no-extension problem.

So far 5.05 is rock solid!