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Boxshot 5 (beta) - multi-layer rendering

glensaville 2 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 years ago 2

Hi Vitaly, 

Hope all is well I’ve posted a couple of small bugs, but one thing that would be very handy to publishing is that when a PSD is saved if it could have the shadows and reflection on separate layers as we are often tasked with a render and once it’s done and there’s no time for a new one marketing will request no shadows or reflections!

Being able to just turn a couple of layers off would be a real boon!

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Hello Glen,

Thanks for the suggestion. We have multi-layer rendering in Owlet at the moment and going to improve this there and maybe port to Boxshot one day. Let's keep the idea public and see how much support it gets.

It's uncanny how often we are asked to do something and even though we show an example, once done it's only then that we get the full brief, it's like Marketing come from the Planet "Timewaster!" :) 

For me, this would be a huge time saver :)  Not to mention the fact that if we are putting a pack shot on a cover it offers the ability to quickly make a spot varnish plate :)