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Move Shape & Lighting Icon on UI

Glen Webster 2 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 years ago 5

Hi Vitaly. In the user interface for Boxshot, within the shapes panel. Would it be possible to reorder the layout. I don't know how other people use the application, but I can only assume that there are a hell of a lot of professional packaging designers. therefore that would be uploading their own diecuts. So it would be beneficial to have the 'External Model' & 'Light' icons/buttons at the top. Not a biggy really, just a wee tweak!.

Under review

That's a good topic to discuss and listen to the community. I personally don't think we really need both external model and light objects at the top of the list. The reason is that you can (and will) add a shape by dragging it into the scene, and the main light (sunlight) can be added using the panel at the left. I believe this covers, like, 99% of the users needs. The rest can select "Other" in the drop-down list at the top and get both icons right at the top:

So basically the categories we added at Boxshot 5 solve this problem a different way. They also give us some very nice opportunities that I'll announce a little bit later. 

Anyway, it would be really nice to hear what you think about this.

yeah it’ll be good to discuss. 

Here is my process. 

Make shape in illustrator

Open origami

Save origami to folder

Open boxshot 

Drag emended model icon to working arrea

Click add model

Mac dialog box opens 

Click drop down menu (latest folder appears at the top that a file has been saved to. Which would be my 3D folder)

Click 3D model. 

Am I doing it the long way round?

Not sure about the "drag model icon to working area", could you provide more details on this please?

Basically, once you exported a 3D file from Origami, you simply drag and drop it directly into the Boxshot scene - that's it. Although you can manually add an "external object", then go to the right panel, click "browse" and select a file, a simple drag and drop works much faster.

We also have some plans on adding File->Import menu for such cases or even allow creating scenes based on external files via File->Open.

Hi Vitaly. What I have always done is basically Click Hold, Drag & Drop.

I see you can double click and get the same outcome with the External Model dialog box coming up.

If you have only 1 screen and you have Boxshot maximumised on screen by pressing the 'Screen Max Button'

then it's a bit of a chore to minimise Boxshot and then drag and drop an external object. So therefor one of the above has to be done. Therefore one has to scroll to the bottom of the shape menu or begin to type in 'External Model' both in my opinion extra operation. 

As I said previously, I can only assume that the majority of users are going to be professional packaging designers and therefor would use the external model facility extensively. As you can't deduce which of the other models/shapes are mostly used by anyone, to me it would make sense to have the lighting and external model icons at the top.

Thanks Vitaly


I got your point, thank you. Version 5 has a drop-down selector at the shapes panel that let's you pick "Other" and there will be the external shape you need right under your fingertips. We'll also add something like File->Import menu item that lets you quickly import an external file with a file dialog. This saves you some clicks here or there, I guess.

Will this work for you?