Few serious bugs Boxshot5

forest77 2 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 years ago 4

Hi, spending lot of time with Boxshot and this app helps us a lot, we tried to switch to no.5 and found few annoying bugs...

1. Units - why there are no sliders?!!! the only way to change numbers is by keyboard. In BS4 it was much better...far from perfect but better than this...

2. Groups - can't rollup the group (it's always rolled down). We use dozens of objects, can't rollup the groups so the mess is terrible. Please include Cmd+G also, to make life easier...

3. Arrows (move object, scale etc). do not match with mouse pointer ?!

Under review

Good points, thank you. Let's run them one by one:

1. You most likely mean the width/height/length parameters of objects, right? The main reason we didn't add sliders there is because you don't really need to edit those values directly. Except maybe simple shapes like planes.

The idea behind Boxshot is that you apply the artwork, click "Fit to images" and boom, it's done.

It was the same in version 4. As in version 4 you can quickly change the numbers by clicking them and scrolling with your mouse, or pressing up/down keys.

Anyway, It would really help if you provide some examples where sliders are really necessary.

2. You mean the scene tree? Scene tree is going to be that flat for some time. That's the limitation of the UI framework we use and so far we have no solution for that. But we keep trying.

As for Cmd+G is that for grouping? Just press G to do that.

3. Could you elaborate on this one please? Maybe some screenshots?

Thank you.

starting from no.3 

1st pic - pointer on the green arrow - but it's inactive

2nd pic - pointer away and now it's active

the same problem with scaling

BTW rendering is looking really good now - but to be honest - still working in BS4 and then only use bs5 for rendering...:(. Still find BS4 more user friendly and faster to work - maybe we need some time to get use to bs5...

That's interesting, thank you. Any chance you can share the whole scene please? Artwork is not needed, just the project please.

As for 4 vs 5 - that's why we have that beta-testing. The goal is to sort the most issues out before the public release. Please feel free to share what exactly is uncomfortable. The more feedback we get, the better.


I believe we fixed the arrows (gizmo) problem in the latest update. See here: https://boxshot.com/2019/04/13/boxshot-5-0-2.html