render procesor activity setup

Wojtek 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 4

procesor setup in render panel:

- less agresive render proces, like use only 2 cores or - nice parameter

to make posibility of background render and still working on compuer 

Under review

At the moment Boxshot uses all the cores in both preview, production rendering and "render later" modes. Do you want to configure them all independently or just need a single parameter that works for all the modes?

Also, if you set it to use say 2 cores, preview will use 2 cores and render later will use 2 cores. This gives you 4 cores in total. Is that as expected? Or maybe you want to limit the whole application by just a given number of cores?

preview is most important process as design part of final work.  Sometimes we must render animation.  As I work on 12 core computer I see how other program that can intense use of processor time are working. Some of them have priority setup. How agresive they work with other applications.  As photozoom.  It can work in background and is quite transparent in low priority setup. Other programs as keyshoot have core setup.  How many cores can it use for render. I believe that preview setup is no need are all. We can always switch to open up preview and In design proces speed is very important..  but maybe in render part of working is proper to make setup how agresive program can work . Or by defould setup to low agresive.  When user is no working all power is catch to render. But if user try to do other things maybe design second work render proces should be low agresive.  When I was using terminal in mac os x I remember  that was a -nice parameter to setup this feature


We added CPU cores selector to the settings window in the latest Boxshot 5 beta. Give it a try and let me know if it helps.

Working realu FAST