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Benoit St-Jean 2 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 years ago 5

Hi, when editing in loft and resizing in loft editor I can't get equal radius.

I start with a square with round radius and after I changed the length, the radius in not equal anymore.

Thanks for any idea.

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Hello Benoit,

Have a look here: https://boxshot.com/boxshot/tutorials/advanced/loft/ - loft object has scaling option that lets you scale on one or both sides. I guess that's what you faced up.

Let me know if it doesn't help. I'll need a more detailed problem description then.


Hello Vitaly,

I tried a all lot of different setting and I didn't make it worked.

- The first screenshot is my starting point with a plain square with round corner from the shape collection.

- The second screenshot is when I tried to create a rectangle with that shape and now you can see that
  the corners are not equal anymore, there stretching.

Thanks, for helping me on this.

Sure, once you get it scaled this way, the corners will stretch. Consider making base shapes (figures) of exactly the size you need, so you can use them without stretching. Say if you need a rounded rectangle, make one in Illustrator, then export to SVG and drop here. 

Ok, now I got it.