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Benoit St-Jean 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 5

Hello Vitaly,

I'm trying to do a loft item and I cannot get my texture to fit properly, it is stretching.

I created a label material in the loft editor and the image is not fitting to that zone.

Would you have any idea on this, thanks.



It is hard to tell by just some screenshots, but I see two problems here:

1. The cat looks unproportional, it is scaled down vertically. This means that the shape is not tall enough for the artwork, or the artwork is way too tall for such shape.

2. The art is not aligned to the side of the shape. This can be corrected by editing Offset U parameter at the very bottom of the Materials panel for your side material.

Let me know if you need any further help with this.

Hello Vitaly,

I tried a lot of things, but I was not able to fit my image to the shape. Except for maybe a few millimeters difference the shape and the artwork are in proportion and it doesn't explain the result.

The best result that I got was to play with the UV mapping but even there, there is a problem and also there is a problem
with a shape mask to create two holes at the bottom.

I'm giving you a link to download my files to see if you can find what would be wrong.

Thanks a lot !

Switch the UV mapping mode back to "Original", then set "Repeat U" to 2:

Then you can fine-tune it with "Offset U" parameter. The screenshot is taken in version 5 beta, but it should work the same in version 4.

Loft generator makes a nice side mapping, but it doesn't make sure it is perfectly wrapped, so you need to adjust it with repeat/offset parameters, but there is no need to change the mapping mode.

Nice bucket, btw. Can we have it in the gallery?

OH MY GOD, it was so simple, so many hours spent to find a solution.

I'm sorry I cannot allow to give you my models, these are specific to our customers and we are under protected contract.

Thanks for the well needed help and appreciation.

Cheers !