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Bump level

Benoit St-Jean 2 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 years ago 5

Hi Vitaly,

I would like to suggest a stronger level on the Bump option in Boxshot 5.

I found in many model that I worked on, the Bump level was not strong enough to create the effect
that I would like. I imagine that the level was made for emboss paper like effect, but even there I found it weak.

I don't think that this is a major problem in programming.



Under review

It actually depends on the bump type. Can you share some images of what you need, but can't achieve with the current parameters? Then we can discuss that.

Hi Benoit.
An example of bump at about 10% (In Change relief mode). I guess the percentage is related to the thickness.
The form is a simple cylinder. All the volumes are done by bump. 

Mea culpa from my part to every one,

With the last comment of Eric, I realize my missing knowledge regarding the bump level.

In Boxshot 4 when in Change relief (planes only) there wasn't any preview (not even showing the shape) so I thought that it didn't do anything, but in reality the effect was showing when rendering so I was using only the Change normal that was limited.

In Boxshot 5, now it is showing in Change relief but not as final preview in Open GL.

Thanks, you've been a great help.

Sorry, no

The latest version of Boxshot 5 shows bump preview, but not for the offset bump (yet). Consider switching to raytracing preview to see all the details.