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Animated Effects Boxshot 5 (Beta) - Mac

Stefan 2 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 years ago 3

The animated scrolling effect in the various menus looks nice, but it interferes with intuitive mouse movements in your daily work. Even when clicking and rotating the camera view there is a disturbing effect compared to Boxshot 4.

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Could you provide more details on that please? Maybe some screenshot or a video? So far it is not so clear what exactly disturbs you. Is that about sliders in the camera panel?

1. Thank you for your reply. Here's a GIF that shows what I mean with the scrolling menus.
Every time I scroll I have to wait until I can focus the symbol what i want to chose. Not a big Problem, but I think the scrolling effect is more confusing than useful ;-)

2. Looking around with the camera is more smooth than in BS4 but it seems that the CPU have to work more and so the view lags a little bit in fast camera movements. I'm not a profi gamer but there is a little delay from the moment i use the mouse to rotate to the moment the camera actually begins to move.


Thanks for the detailed answer. For the shapes panel I'd recommend using a more specific selection at the top of the panel instead of "All Shapes". This way you don't need to scroll at all.