Adobe RGB options? Instead of sRGB output

Wade 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 7

Our photography studio has been using boxshot for our product renders since about 2013, and we only just realised today that boxshot is exporting sRGB files, as we have been working supplied CMYK, converting to RGB and suddenly the boxshot files didn't match. We are only now properly realising and addressing our colour consistency across the board!

Is there a way to get boxshot to export Adobe RGB files rather than always SRGB?

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Hello Wade,

We have it in plans, but so far you can use Boxshot 5 and save to EXR format which is linear. You can then convert it to CMYK with the profile you need with minimal conversion error.

Let me know if it works for you.


Thanks for the response! Just downloaded and having a look, would you be able to direct me in how to export as EXR? Can't seem to find this option

You simply select this as a saving file type when saving rendered image. You can choose between JPEG, PNG, etc formats. There will be EXR there, as well. Another option is to export to PSD, which could also work for you.

Excellent thanks. One last question with the new boxshot 5, how to I change the camera centre point? In boxshot 4 we used the button below to move it. 

Same in version 5. The icon just looks different:

Thanks! I thought I had tried everything. Cheers