PSD file format for batch job

Eric Balereau 2 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 years ago 2

H Vitaly,

I understand tha .PSD is the best choice for a futur printed image. Easy to choose at the end of a direct rendering but can't find how to choose the file format for a batch job ?

Under review

Yes, PSD (and EXR) provides floating point precision and linear color space, so they are basically the best formats for further processing. Unfortunately, there is no way to select the output format at the moment. We're going to add this feature in one of the next updates, it is already planned.

If you fill brave enough you can modify the job file Boxshot generates. To do so, right click the job in the list, click Open Folder and find the .boxshotJob file there. Open it with text editor and replace .png extension with .psd one. Save the file, then close Job Manager window and open it again. Or refresh the list of jobs, so the software has a chance to reload jobs and get your changes. Then you can render the job and get the PSD format you need.