Material is applied to both sides

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Hi Vitaly

please try to help me with this issue

in boxshot 5:
we are trying to add some effects (foil, reflection) to an object we done.
The problem is that we want to add different materials to each of faces but when we add it to one it appears in both.
Please see example attached:

we put the elements only in one face.

Can you help me with that?
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Sure, before we start please let me know what is the object on the screenshots? Is that a plane or image or a custom imported object?

Please check this ...

Its a custom imported object.

Thanks for your help.

For custom imported objects a lot of things matter. From the top of my head, it could be either duplicated geometry so you have two meshes at the same place and see two materials, or you can have a single material applies around the whole mesh. In both cases you will see what you see.

Can you upload a minimal Boxshot project + minimal art here, please?

Sure Vitally

here they are ...

thanks for you help.

Using decals is not a best way to go for whole-side images like yours. As the shape itself is made in Origami, you got a good texture mapping and can easily make a proper reflection mask (that you have almost done already). Here I applied a better reflection mask to your scene:

The mask is based on your decal texture, I just added a black background (so it doesn't reflect where it shouldn't) and increased the visibility of the snowflakes:

Decals are good for small "labels", when you need to wrap something into a texture, you'd better use the standard side artwork in Boxshot, which is much more predictable at wrapping.

Let me know if it helps.

Thanks for your reply Vitaly, it helps.

If you don't mind i have a couple of questions more 

1) It is possible to manage diferent layers assigning deferents materials and behaviors to it? Like in koru, as seen in this file ...

2) Koru vs. Boxshot › what are the main diferences and advantages of each of them. We are having some difficulties to understand when use one or another.

Thanks  a lot for your help.


Boxshot has simpler materials, compared to Koru and Owlet, so you can't have multiple layers there. We have some plans for that in the future, but the main goal is to keep Boxshot a simpler tool. You can start in Boxshot, then export to Koru or Owlet for further scene improvements.

As for Boxshot vs Koru, Boxshot is for modelling and rendering scenes. Koru is for exporting 3D scenes to HTML. You use Boxshot if you need to make a standard 3D object from scratch, like a book, or box, or a coffee cup. You can apply your artwork, compose layouts and so on. Then you can render that to a still image or a simple animation for your customers/visitors. However, if you need an interactive 3D object for your customers, you need Koru as it lets you export the scene you have to interactive 3D model accessible right in the browser.

The chain is: Origami -> Boxshot -> Koru, Owlet, Boxshot VR

Hope this helps.