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Peter 2 years ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 2 years ago 3

Mir fällt auf, dass beim Import von .dae-Files (drag & drop) in Boxshot irgendwelche Skalierungen vorgenommen werden. Das ist etwas verwirrend und vorallem nicht einheitlich. Woran orientiert sich der Import? Könnte nicht einheitlich 100% hinterlgt werden?

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Hello Peter,

I am not sure if I got it right (translated with google translate), but it looks like the question is about the scaling of imported objects. There are three ways you can load external models to Boxshot:

1. drag and drop them with a mouse;

2. create "embedded model" shape and then use "load model" button;

3. use File->Import 3D Model menu item (version 5.1+).

The first method automatically moves a 3D model to the center of the scene and scales it to fit the convenient size. You can reset that scale using the transformation panel at the right by entering 100% to all the "Scale" fields.

The other two methods don't scale or move imported models and keep them "as is". You can use them if you don't want objects to be scaled at importing.

Let me know if it answers your question.

Thank you Vitaly for your quick answer. I usually import with Drag & Drop. Therefore, I will use the other two methods in the future.