Unable to import Origami 3D PDF in Boxshot

Greg Nijs 1 year ago updated by Vitaly Ovchinnikov 1 year ago 1


I'm currently evaluating if origami in combination with boxshot can be an added value for our business, hence I'm using the demo versions of both solutions.

I'm very impressed with origami so far, but it seams that I'm not able to drop 3D PDFs generated in Origami in Boxshot.

When dropping the PDF's in Boxshot I can only select "Environment" or "Background", is this expected behavior?

When selecting "Environment" nothing happens, and when selecting Background error message "Please open this file in Acrobat Viewer. Your PDF viewer doesn't support 3D" is displayed in the scene as a background.

Is this issue caused by the limitations of the demo versions? Or am I missing something?

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Hello Greg,

The demo version of Origami can only export to 3D PDF format. Boxshot does not read 3D PDF files, it supports Collada, FBX, 3DS, OBJ and some other formats. It also supports PDF files for artwork, but not for 3D content. So what happens is Boxshot gets the PDF file and tries to load it as art - this ends up with the banner you see (which is in the PDF file, as well).

Once you activated both apps, Origami will be able to export to more formats like Collada and OBJ that Boxshot can read and you will be able to import 3D models from one software to another. Meanwhile you can try models here: https://boxshot.com/origami/gallery/samples/ - hover the images and click "OBJ Sample" to download a sample exported 3D model to try with Boxshot.

Let me know if you need any further help with this.