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step and repeat start panel

Wojtek 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2

step and repeat start panel schould start with 1x1x1 setup not as today as 3x3x1

when I have group of objects and want to do 1x1x8 i must wait for 3x3x1 transformation

correct it, and make final 1x1x8 - it can makes few minutes if we use large group of object.

Under review

The idea was to provide a visual feedback of what exactly the tool does. The Stack tool works the same way. It is not a big deal to make it 1x1x1 by default, though...

The speed is another issue. We could try adding instances instead of copies there. This will improve the speed, but make editing a little bit surprising as modifying a single object will affect the others. What do you think?

cool idea, maybe finaly we can make "expand instances" when someone will  want to. today I will make 2 axis steo and repeat and next I do 3rd axis as separated step. it is much more faster