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front view, left side, right side, top view, bottom view

Michael Strauss 12 months ago updated 12 months ago 6

maybe im missing it but I don't think so... it would be wonderful to have quick keys to show, front view, left side, right side, top view, bottom view... etc.... most of my other 3D apps have this... really missing this.

Under review

Most of the apps have two camera types: perspective and orthographic. Boxshot has just the first one for simplicity. All those left/top/right views are usually done with the other camera type that has no perspective - orthographic. See here for more details: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-between-orthographic-and-perspective-projections-in-engineering-drawing

So the question is: do you want left/right/top views with perspective camera, or you want the orthographic camera to be added and then the views?

It would also help if you provide a sample scenario when you need this feature.


I didn't want to ask too much! but I would like orthographic viewing mode as well! sometimes looking at very complex items and lining items up straight are a lot easier in orthographic mode and not in perspective mode... somehow a simple switch button between the views would be really really helpful!

As for using the the quick views, left side, right side, top side, etc... this is very helpful when developing complex items again, you can quickly click thru these views to make sure everything looks correct, sizing and alignment ... its should be available in both views perspective and ortho viewing!


Got it, thank you. Btw, have you tried the aligning tool in "Tools"? 

to be honest it is a little hard to use bc there really should be X,Y, Z fork in the bottom right corner at all times so you can easily tell which axis your trying to align something too.

Do you think it would help to have one? Any good references to have a look?


Absolutely! Let me say I love this app best out of my 3d app bc of how simple it is, but it is capable of doing very complex things too!!

- see the screenshot here... one thing I left out, and maybe its there... but for my line of work its very important to have the 3d models at actual size and to confirm that.  Instead of using percentages for sizing, could there be a way to see the actual measurement of an object and type actual inches or cm ... this would be great!!