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Bookmark(s) as an option for hardcover books

Filip Blažek 11 months ago updated 11 months ago 4

Hello, I often render books and then manually add bookmarks. It would be amazing if you could add a textile bookmark as an option to hardcover books. 

Under review

Could you upload some sample images, please?

Hello, I attached a few photos of books with bookmark ribbons. It is quite common in Europe. It would be great if you could eventually add this feature to updated models. However, the bookmark is soft, so it should not impact the feature "Put on the Floor" and I suggest it should be ignored by the "Fit to View command".

I also attached a render with and extra bookmark object. It looks great but it is time consuming to add bookmarks individually. 

Please note, some books have more than one ribbon, it is not uncommon to have three ribbons.

I'll leave it here to see if it gets more support from the community, but so far I'd rather avoid adding this feature to all the books in general. We have some plans on adding a highly flexible shape that can simulate the bookmarks easily and you can use the new adjustable books to make a thin gap between the leaves for the bookmark. By using templates and copy/pasting it should take just about a minute to add a customisable bookmark to any place of the book, if needed.